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Twice Fanfiction Indonesia

shoshana presents


TWICE Tzuyu & GOT7 Yugyeom

ft. Seventeen Mingyu.

Ficlet | School-life, Romance | T/Teen

I own nothing but the story.

Note: Tzuyu’s age is matched to Yugyeom’s.

“Bahkan ketika kau mencari wanita yang berbeda aku menjadi marah, aku tidak bisa menahannya.” —TWICE; Jelly Jelly

shoshana © 2017

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My Top 16 Favorite KPop Songs from 2016

Yup. Hi everyone.


As you can see from the title I’m going to tell you the list of my favorite 2016 kpop releases. Now before we start, I wanna remind y’all that this is MY OPINION. NOT A LEGIT LIST OF BEST KPOP SONGS FROM 2016 WHATSOEVER. So don’t fight me if your fav song doesn’t make it cause probably we have different taste. Also I will probably make a separate list for JYP releases only. I don’t listen to every KPop songs released last year obviously, so I took the list from the songs that I have listened to and decided which are my favorites. Now let’s get on to the list!

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1 Confession



One Confession.

 I didn’t plan to finish this challenge right before New Year but somehow it is. It’s a really perfect time for a confession, but I really don’t know to whom I should confess something. Well, I guess I will choose that one particular person but I can’t really reveal his identity.

It’s not going to be a long confession, I just wanna say that I might actually feel something more for you. I mean I know I shouldn’t, our relationship is kind of complicated. But I can’t help it, don’t worry I’ll try my best not to cross the line. Ah, I’m really sorry for falling for you ;-; I shouldn’t. That’s all…. ah happy new year y’all!! ♡

Love, Sho♡ 

2 Recent Pictures


So these are the pictures



Both are fan-taken pictures of Mina at SBS Gayo Daejeon (btw I see Jinyoung there aha)

These pictures was released this morning by the fansite ‘Sweet Smile’. I just had to save them because I feel like this fansite rarely uploads HQ and of course because it’s Mina. Those outfits though… still Mina is a freaking goddess.