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Roséanne Park & Goo Junhoe ft. Jennie Kim, Lalisa Manoban, Kim Jiwon (Bobby), Kim Donghyuk & Kim Hanbin
Oneshot | Mystery/Horror-ish?, HighSchool!AU, Supernatural | PG15
I only own the story. None of the characters depicted are the real personality of the idols. Happy reading! 

“I will insult Death for him if it’s necessary”

shoshana © 2017

One drop of innocent blood.

One crazy mystery life is. Months ago you wouldn’t see yourself sitting in a crowded bus with all of your classmates, heading to a small town to visit the grave of a dead friend. Scratch that, you wouldn’t even expect that one of your friend—a best friend in my case—would take his own life. I believe Donghyuk was not the kind of person who would do that, I guess I didn’t know him very well.

I sit quietly on my bus seat, thinking about every possible way to hold back the urge to throw up two pieces of half-digested sandwiches mixed with a glass of orange juice which were my breakfast. The air inside of the bus saturated with thousands of different odors that make my nose and stomach extremely unhappy. That familiar smell from sweaty high school teenagers’ armpits, along with the unpleasant stench of urine coming from the bus’ crappy toilet. Air conditioner does nothing but worsen it, not to mention the rocky bumpy ride. Having my mind focused on how sick I feel obviously doen’t work to prevent myself from puking, so I shift my attention to someone. A loner who sits by herself on seat number eight, left row.

Her long black locks flow past her shoulders to her waist, creating a curtain around her pale but beautiful face. How do I know that she’s beautiful? Because I know her, I never spoke to her, but I always had my eyes on her. Park Chaeyoung doesn’t care about her surroundings. She is glued to an old book with yellow obsolete pages; that book seems to weight like two thick English dictionaries. Anywhere, anytime, books are Chaeyoung’s only friends. She is an outcast from this messy teenager world, she doesn’t fit in, and nobody knows about her that much. Even me, Goo Junhoe, who often call himself the certified Park Chaeyoung’s secret admirer, I only know one thing about her; she had a huge crush on Donghyuk.

The sound of a sobbing girl caught my ears, I look away to a few seats behind Chaeyoung’s where the sound came from. It’s Lalisa, Donghyuk’s girlfriend for three months before the tragedy happened. The girl is bawling her eyes out, while two of her Thai friends Sorn and Bambam are trying to console her. I don’t know Lisa’s relationship with Donghyuk were that serious, she seems really sad and heartbroken. Dark circles under her eyes are very prominent, her cute face is swolen and rivers of tears continuously streaming down her cheeks.

On the right row, the 4th seat to be exact, Jennie Kim our class president is discussing something with Kim Jisoo the class secretary. They don’t seem to notice the crying mess that is Lalisa Manoban or the loud and noisy delinquents at the back of the bus. Or probably they do, but they are just too tired to deal with Kim Jiwon and his friends. The only reason they joined this mournful trip is probably to smoke some cigs freely with no supervision.

I look back to the seat beside me, thinking about Donghyuk and how we used to stick with each other during every school trip. Loneliness is my only friend now. I mean, I’m friendly with anyone at school but that’s not the same. That doesn’t mean they are all my friends, right? At least not the kind of friend I would pour my heart to. Maybe I finally understand Chaeyoung’s feelings. Or not.

“Come on Jiwon cut it out! She didn’t even do anything!” I heard Jennie snaps.

Jiwon is standing beside Chaeyoung’s seat, his index finger swirls her hair then he pulls them hard until the girl winces in pain. Strands of black hair fall off of her head. Jiwon laughs then insult her verbally, calling her names that I don’t want to say because of how mean they are. Why didn’t she fight back?! I stand up from my seat, I want to stop him and protect Chaeyoung, but somehow I freeze there. Unable to move a finger.

“You’re such an asshole Kim Jiwon! Stop it and go back to your seat or I’ll throw you out the bus!” Jennie sounds even angrier now as Jiwon flashes her an annoying smirk. He snatches the old book from Chaeyoung’s grip and flips the pages randomly.

“Jennie, sweetie, calm down. I just wanna have fun with our pretty Chaeyoung, but she’s busy reading some… witchcraft shit.” Jiwon throws the heavy book back to Chaeyoung’s lap, accidentally hitting her head. She whimpers, that must’ve been hurtful. Jennie rolls her eyes in disgust, then she calls Kim Hanbin—the vice chairman—to drag Jiwon back to his seat on force. The guy pushes Hanbin’s hands away and walks himself to the back of the bus, his eyes go right to left possibly looking for his next victim to bother.

I’m still standing like a mannequin until Jennie gives me a piercing stare as if she’s saying something like ‘what are you doing there idiot?’. So I put my butt back to the cheap blue velvet bus seat, stealing another glance at Chaeyoung who is now sitting up straight. She isn’t crying at all! Instead, I see anger in her eyes.

Four dark blue candles.

The sky is throwing a fit when we arrive. It’s pouring hard with the combination of unbelievably strong wind and scary lightnings. The harsh weather is asking Jennie to draw extra cash and pay for the most affordable hostel in town for thirty students. I won’t say cheap because it sounds too sad of how low budget this trip is. We are all waiting in the lobby while Jennie and Hanbin are having a sort of discussion with the hostel’s manager. I dare myself to approach Chaeyoung. She’s alone as always, standing beside the front door frame and watching the heavy rain. This is it, this will be the first time I talk to her and I don’t want to mess it. So, I clear my throat and tap her shoulder gently. She doesn’t budge at all.

“Chaeyoung? Are you okay?” I asked her. Stupid question, I know. She is obviously far from okay, but I don’t know what to say.

Without looking at me, she answers, “you think?” Her voice nearly unheard, almost like a whisper.

“No. I mean- I’m sorry. I mean- I just wanna talk to you,” I stuttered. And she smiles. She freaking smiles. I can’t decide whether it’s a creepy smile or a beautiful one. Or maybe a sad smile.

“So you would know what a freak Park Chaeyoung is?”

God. No. Chaeyoung, I genuinely want to be friends with you, or even more. I’m not like the others. But instead another series of stuttering come out from my mouth, I mentally punch myself. The only good thing about my stupidity in front of her is her smile. She smiles again because me, this time a smile full of amusement.

“Junhoe, if you think I’m a shy sweet little girl then you thought wrong. Sorry to break the bubbles, but I might not be the kind of girl you think I am.”

It seems like I decipher the meaning of her smile in a wrong way. Seriously it doesn’t matter, even if she’s as crazy as a banshee, I’ll accept her for her true self. However I understand that Chaeyoung might find it hard to trust her heart to anyone when people around her mostly treat her like crap. Before I can open my mouth again to say a few more words, Chaeyoung says something that sends shiver down my spine.

“I have to go. I wanna meet Donghyuk. Bye Junhoe,” She walks into the rain right away with no hesitation. Her whole body is drenched in a second but she doesn’t stop, until I see nothing but her silhouette. She’s gone, and I’m here standing still with my jaw drops down. I should’ve followed her. Should I?

I step back slowly then lumber to the nearest bench I can find. Lalisa is beside me, she stares blankly at the floor, clearly isn’t paying attention to anything Jennie is saying about our stay in the hostel. Like I am, I’m still thinking about Chaeyoung and her words. Could it be… maybe she went to the cemetery? But in this weather and alone? It doesn’t make sense to me.

Jennie finally earns my attention when she squeals in panic, noticing that someone is missing from our class. She and Hanbin count everyone for over ten times, the result is always the same. Someone is missing, they realize Park Chaeyoung is missing.

“Anyone saw Chaeyoung when we arrived here?” Jennie’s voice is shaky, I can see she’s worried about Chaeyoung so much. Her eyes show sincerity. She actually cares about Chaeyoung. Hanbin offers her a few theories, or probabilities, regarding Chaeyoung’s whereabouts. Rest room being the most possible, but I know she’s not there.

“Calm down babe, even Park Chaeyoung needs to pee,” Hanbin says to Jennie.

“Don’t babe me Hanbin! She cannot be in the rest room, Jisoo said she didn’t see her there! Everyone here all thirty of us is under my responsibility, even if that bastard Kim Jiwon who is missing I’d still be looking for him,”

“I-I know where she is, I spoke to Chaeyoung for a minute,” I finally speak up, hope lights up in Jennie’s eyes.

“God, Junhoe! Where did she go?” Jennie asks eagerly.

“I’m not sure, but I have a guess. The cemetery. She said she wants to meet Donghyuk.”

“But the storm…” Jennie shakes her head in disbelieve. I agree with her, Park Chaeyoung is unbelievable.

“I know right? I-I don’t think we can go after her either. Not now. Maybe she’ll come back,” I try to stay positive, although inside I’m worried as hell. Turns out it works to calm Jennie a little bit, she runs her fingers through her dyed long hair. I hear Jennie mutters to herself, making a vow to find Chaeyoung herself as soon as possible.

The others seem to not care much, except, surprisingly, Lalisa. Before going to her room with Sorn, she comes to me, asking about Chaeyoung’s intention. The same question has been bothering me since Chaeyoung stepped out of the front door into the heavy rain.

“I don’t know, Lisa. I’m sorry,” I tell her honestly. She looks pretty upset and starts to sob again. I pat her shoulder, telling her I’m sorry about her loss. It seems like every little things related to Donghyuk can trigger her tears to flow down.

“Junhoe, you know how I feel right? You were Donghyuk’s best friend. I-” She pauses to control herself. I keep my mouth shut and listen to her, she might need it. Someone to listen.

“I wish I was as brave as Chaeyoung. I’m his girlfriend, I mean was his girlfriend. I want to be there now. I love Donghyuk so much.”

“It’s okay, I mean, I don’t know how to make you feel better but, I believe Donghyuk wouldn’t want you to walk through a storm. Now get some rest,” Lisa nods, wiping her tears with the cuff of her sweater.

“See you later Junhoe. Thank you,” She gives me a weak smile, weak but still better than her crying face. I mean, It’s better to see her smile than her tears. I watch her walk away with Sorn, linking arms with the girl while talking about something. I decide that I need a rest too, mostly from the thoughts of Chaeyoung.

One tea light candle and a skull candle. 

The rain stops exactly ten minutes before midnight. My roommates happen to be Hanbin and Yunhyeong, and Hanbin happens to be talking with Jennie through the phone. About finding Chaeyoung, I suppose. Hanbin extremely disagree with our class president’s suggestion to do the search now. Jennie being the stubborn girl she is, insists that it has to be now. I can hear her yelling at Hanbin as he keeps his phone away from his ear. I don’t mean to eavesdrop, it’s so loud everybody can hear that.

I tell Hanbin I need to take a walk, he doesn’t say a thing and let me go. It’s not a lie though, I really wanna take a walk, I just leave out a little detail. I’m going to the cemetery. I close the door behind me and stride down the hallway immediately. Would she still be there when I come? Or is she even there at all? I quicken my pace to the nearest elevator, pressing the button like a mad man until the doors slide open. It reaches the first floor within seconds, right as the doors slide open again I ran to the front door of the hostel. That’s when my eyes catch a glimpse of two girls on the front yard, both have long hair. One is crying and the other sounds… angry? Or frustrated? I’m guessing it’s Jennie with her friend, but then the moonlight shines on them and I can finally see their faces. It’s Chaeyoung, dragging Lisa by her wrist.

“No! Chaeyoung, please! Let’s go inside, Jennie is worried about you so much!” Lisa cries, but Chaeyoung keeps on pulling her. I don’t know she is that strong, Park Chaeyoung amazes me. No, terrifies me.

“Then Jennie can stay worried all night because one more girl will be missing!” Chaeyoung grunts as she pulls Lisa who is still trying to escape her tight grip with struggle. “Don’t you miss Donghyuk, Lisa? Don’t you want to meet him? You’ll thank me later cause I will bring him back!” She continues. I can’t help but gasp to her words.

“B-but that’s impossible!” Lisa breaks down, rivers of tears flood her cheeks once again. “I know you’re sad about him too but let’s not being like this. Let him sleep in peace.”

“NO!” Chaeyoung’s sudden scream almost make my heart jumps out of my chest. I’m still watching them, hiding behind a big trunk. She looks really crazy now, if this what she meant by she’s not who I think she is, then she does a great job to shock me.

“I’m not sad, I’m mad! Donghyuk didn’t kill himself, someone in our class murdered him and I’m going to prove it! I will insult Death if it’s necessary! I’ll bring him back then we can have a nice sweet revenge together! So cooperate with me and be a good girl Lisa, I need your blood to complete the ritual,” Chaeyoung tightens her grip around Lisa’s wrist even more, finally the girl gives up, letting herself being dragged by Chaeyoung.

I follow them, keeping a safe distant between the three of us. I have a weird feeling that Chaeyoung knows I’m following them but pretends to be oblivious. After a long walk of rocky and muddy roads, we arrive at the cemetery. My legs feel like jellies and I’m trying so hard to restrain myself from breathing so heavily. It doesn’t work at all. Somehow Chaeyoung still has so much energy inside of her thin body, once again I’m amazed.

A picture of the loved one.

Chaeyoung ties Lisa to a nearby tree, ignoring her cries and pleas that get louder and louder. She draws a five pointed star on the ground beside the grave using a pebble. She surrounds the star with a circle, making a pentagram. On each points of the star, she places a dark blue candle, leaving the one pointing upward. Then she put a tea light candle on that point. What is she doing exactly, witchcraft? Is she going to wake a zombified Donghyuk or something? Next she places a skull candle and Donghyuk’s picture in the middle of the star.

“Come to see the show, Junhoe?” Chaeyoung asks as she pulls out a small knife from her pocket then walks slowly to Lisa. Lisa’s horrified scream is the background music to this horror movie like scene. Park Chaeyoung is a dangerous girl. Literally. She is fucking dangerous. I gulp then step closer to her carefully, stabbed by that knife in her hand would be the very last thing I want to happen.

“Why are you doing this? Don’t hurt Lisa, what she ever did to you?” Chaeyoung doesn’t answer, she cut a small wound on Lisa’s hand and collects the dripping blood with a small vial. While Lisa cries in pain, I feel sick.

She drips the blood drops onto the center of the pentagram then lifts her head up to face me. “I’m gonna bring back your best friend, Junhoe! You know the answer to your question,”

“No, this is your own vengeance, not Donghyuk’s. You made up that murder thing. Please Chaeyoung, stop it!” I can’t believe I say that. I don’t even know if Chaeyoung was telling the truth or not. What if it’s true that someone killed Donghyuk? Still, I don’t like what she’s doing.

“You saw what Jiwon did to me!! Believe it or not, he did worse than that before and I hate it Junhoe! Not only him, everyone treats me like shit!” Chaeyoung flips, leaving me speechless. I want to tell her about Jennie. I want her to know that at least someone cares about her. I care about her. The thing is, talking to Chaeyoung right now is the same as talking to an insane person.

 “Those people would never change. However, perhaps a dead boy who comes back to life can do something about that.” She put her index finger on her lips and shush me. Facing the grave, Chaeyoung chants a series of words I don’t understand, both of her hands are up in the air. The wind blows like chaos while black clouds start to form on the sky above us. Lisa has fainted. It’s madness.

A big white lightning strucks into the grave, setting fire on the headstone as the ground shakes and cracks open.

“I demand you to rise! Rise from the underworld!”

And I saw him, crawling his way up. He’s not the Donghyuk I know. He is less than human. Chaeyoung laughs like a maniac and offers her hand to the undead boy.

“Now, how shall we start our revenge?” She smiles. I know for sure this one is a creepy smile, although I hate the fact that I still find her pretty after all this madness.

God, I’m officially horrified by Park Chaeyoung. 


[A/N] I didn’t even know what I was writing lol. I hope you enjoy it anyway. Happy holidays~♡