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Love Cells

GOT7 Jinyoung x TWICE Nayeon

Fluff | 203 w

(extra cheesy warning lol)

“In which the biology student Park Jinyoung, fell for the art student Im Nayeon”

Memorizing the details of the inside of human body seemed to be easier for Jinyoung than to figure out Nayeon’s heart. Whenever they bumped to each other, she always had that lovely smile on her face. His hand brushed against Nayeon’s, waiting for the right time to finally hold it. Love was certainly something that Jinyoung didn’t learn in his 7 am classes. He wasn’t even sure if Nayeon even had a tiny bit of that crazy feeling called ‘love’ for him.

However this afternoon, he stopped Nayeon from walking away when the two bumped to each other again. They stood in the middle of the road that separated their faculty buildings, staring at each other yet none of them said a word.

“Wanna go out with me?” Those five words came out smoothly from Jinyoung’s mouth. He was not that type of person who could easily express his feelings, yet this ordinary girl from art faculty managed to get it out of him. Im Nayeon gave him a happy smile and answered whole heartedly, “yes! sure!”

Jinyoung couldn’t explain the new kind of excitement that crept all over his body, maybe Nayeon simply activated the love cells he never knew he had.