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As you can see from the title I’m going to tell you the list of my favorite 2016 kpop releases. Now before we start, I wanna remind y’all that this is MY OPINION. NOT A LEGIT LIST OF BEST KPOP SONGS FROM 2016 WHATSOEVER. So don’t fight me if your fav song doesn’t make it cause probably we have different taste. Also I will probably make a separate list for JYP releases only. I don’t listen to every KPop songs released last year obviously, so I took the list from the songs that I have listened to and decided which are my favorites. Now let’s get on to the list!


16. GFRIEND – Rough


Yeah, I don’t stan them at all but I lowkey repeating this song all day so Rough make it to my no. 16. Usually their songs aren’t my type but why I like Rough so much!?! I don’t know can’t really explain.

15. WJSN – Secret


I am new to WJSN and can’t even tell all the members apart until now. Their debut didn’t draw me in but this song dude, this song is gold it saves them. The concept is super pretty too. I am getting into them deeper now so pray for me lol.

14. TWICE – Headphone써


Everyone is all about Cheer Up and ShaShaSha (me too actually lol). Haters be like “Sounds like children song” “Boring” “No talent” CHILL. Have you try listen to their B-Side tracks dude? Headphone써 is my favorite B-Side track from Page Two album (JIHYO’S ENGLISH BRIDGE). This along with 툭하면 톡. I had a struggle choosing between the two and finally Headphone써 makes it to no. 14! Honestly Page Two album is gold.

13. GOT7 – Fly


I never hate any GOT7 songs tbh. This one I didn’t like it at first but then I kept on repeating it everyday lol. I like Fly more than Hard Carry although Hard Carry is dope too. I love everything about Fly era. The song, their style, the choreography, the MV… everything♡

12. Park Jimin – Walkin’


Jimin’s solo comeback was under appreciated in my opinion. The mini album is gold, no, diamond! Every song is worth listening and I love all of them. But Walkin is my favorite (also to him. I told you all of them good it’s hard to choose) and of course she has to be in this list.

11.  Seventeen – 아주 NICE!


This song got me into Seventeen. I’m not at the level of stanning them yet, but i’m a light fan. 아주 NICE is my favorite song from them so far, it’s still on repeat until now.

10. G.Soul – 우리 이젠 어디로


Y’all be sleeping on G. Soul and his wonderful voice. He deserves to be on this list because I can’t stop listening to this song. This piece of gold deserves to be in your playlist. Try a listen.

09. Ailee – Home


YES AILEE MY QUEEN. I hate myself for not checking this song immediately just because I found her previous releases kinda boring to me. This is not her usual style and I love it so much!

08. Baek Yerin – 그의 바다


그의 바다 or His Ocean is my favorite track from her Bye Bye My Blue EP (or what is it actually called there are only 3 songs there) I like the vibe of this song also the lyrics about relationship between air and water is soooo deep. I love it.

07. Dean – D (Half Moon)


THIS. This song. I have no words. Bless Dean’s voice. Bless his mom and dad. Thank God for making Dean exist. I love the whole album too.

06. Black Pink – 불장난


I can’t deny I constantly humming or singing to this song, anytime, anywhere because it keeps playing in my head. Actually I wanna put Whistle but…. I don’t know I love them equally though.





DUM DUM DUM ARE YOU READY FOR THE TOP 5 (not so Top 5 actually) DRUM ROLLS!!!!!!!!!!! LET’S GO TO THE TOP 5!!!






05. DAY6 – First Time


Letting Go is a great title track but First Time dude First Time is my favorite track in the mini album. I love these talented boys so much I love all their voices (yes even Dowoon too although he didn’t sing here). Please give DAY6 more love y’all.

04. GOT7 – Prove It / Ars (Youngjae) – 내하루

images-13 images-8

Yes I’m cheating. But I can’t leave out Youngjae’s soundcloud release because IT IS GOLD. You should check his soundcloud (also JB’s soundcloud. His songs are gold too!!). As for Prove It, it’s my favorite track from Flight Log: Turbulence. If Hard Carry is not your cup of tea, try listening to their B-sides. This album is so good. I can’t wait for the next Flight Log series.

03. BolBbalgan4 – Hard to Love / Fight Days


YES ANOTHER CHEATING. Honestly if I can put the whole Bolbbalgan4’s Red Planet album here on number 3 I will. The whole album is worth listening. Ahn Jiyoung’s voice is so unique I love her so much. Hard to Love & Fight Days are my favorites.

02. TWICE – TT


TWICE never fail to make me happy on every comeback. TT is so catchy it. can’t. leave. my. head. TT is still a must listen song in my daily playlist. I like dancing or just jumping around with this song. Although the first time I heard the title I think it was ridiculous but still… I LOVE IT.














☆ 01. K.A.R.D – Oh Na Na ☆

 unnamed-1When this was released I’m like “YAS YAS SLAY MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE” I can’t believe DSP manage to debut such a talented Co-Ed Group with a freaking good song. DSP don’t deserve them lol. They’ll probably be DSP’s only hope along with April & Youngji to stay afloat. Their MV already reach more than 4M views the last time I checked which is a good sign. I hope they last long and keep releasing good stuff like this. Oh Na Na is a body rolling material. Oh Na Na is jam. Oh Na Na is love.

EDIT: An honorable mention to Ladies Code – The Rain as the No. 1 contender to Oh Na Na. I just have to mention these amazing girls.


There you go, that’s my TOP 16 list of 2016 KPop releases. I’m sad I cannot put all my favorite songs I should’ve make it Top 100 lol. I’m so sad I have to leave out Wonder Girls, 2PM, Jun. K’s solo, Taemin’s solo, Chancellor, Heize, Monsta X, B.A.P, Yezi’s solo, Red Velvet, other undiscovered side tracks (THE LIST GOES ON. I LOVE TOO MUCH SONGS IT’S HARD FOR ME TO SUMS UP ONLY 16)

Anyways, thank you for reading this. Just fyi making list is hard.