I’m not going to say any greasy intro for this one lol.

01. Rated Fanfics / Ori fics

It’s not always porn, sometimes it’s thriller or sadistic crime story. I might sound psychotic or dirty minded now but mostly I clicked on this kind of fanfic because I’m curious. Sometimes I found the ones with good plot. I never admit to my friends that I read rated fics lol.

02. Cliche movies or TV series

I hate cliche most of the time. But sometimes cliche can be a good thing. Sometimes I enjoy those cheesy cringy cliche dramas… secretly. Hahaha

03. Eating yummy but unhealthy food

Eating those foods feels good but I know it’s not good for my body ;-; yet I can’t stop haha

04. Sleep or lay around all day

Wasting 24 hours a day just to sleep and laying down, and sometimes even come late to campus for the sake of sleeping longer lol. I need to stop.