me most of the time

I guess there are more than 5 things that can turn me off. I try to put the ones that turn me off the most in the list.

01. When people throw in shades for someone and I don’t know who it is

I mean, even if I know the person, shades are still uncomfortable. It makes you feel bad. If you don’t know to whom the shades are targeted then you might assume it’s for you. It’s like when you say something that is meant for A, but B C D E F G H until Z also feel offended. Instead of throwing shades, try to talk with the person. Just tell them directly what’s your problem lol.

02. When some strangers (men) stare at me and even call me when I pass by

I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or something, but it’s seriously put me off (creep me out even) when this happens. I was just simply walking by, I didn’t wear revealing clothes that can attract such action, I didn’t even look at them damn it. Those horny ass men didn’t sound like they are being nice at all, they call me in a flirtatious way (once a man even approached me ugh). As if they never see a girl or something. Seriously it’s not funny, especially when it’s a creepy-looking old man. I wish they would leave me alone, it’s so uncomfortable and it happens really often.

03. When someone jokes about something serious

Sure, I love jokes too. But there are times when I want to have a serious talk, like if I share my problems, or asking for help about something important, I don’t want you to make fun of it or turn everything into a joke. Also, when people make fun of serious / offensive / sensitive topics. Just please stop. Control yourselves.

04. When I watch a good movie / drama, but then there’s a super cringe worthy and awkward scene

It also applies to books or songs. That one cringy scene can ruin everything for me, although sometimes I just laugh it off as that scene would probably become a dark past for the actor. I cannot really explain how a song can be cringe worthy though, and it’s not only about the lyrics (like some random English lyrics in K-pop songs lolololol). Sometimes it’s the way the singer sang it lol I don’t know. Cringe worthy scene in a movie, or cringy part of a song, gives me secondhand embarrassment.

05. Chewy foods.

I mean not chewy as in nougats, or chewy candy. It’s like the fat part (?) of a meat, or any other food that has a gooey consistency. It feels disgusting and makes me want to throw up.

Wow, only 4 Days to go to finish this challenge. Time flies so fast indeed. Tomorrow is the last day of final exam and I feel happy to finally get a little break from college. I hope there will be no remedial test or essay revision lol. I wish I passed everything smoothly T-T see ya tomorrow on the next post!