You can just give me lots of food I’ll be happy. Oh no. Haha. I don’t even know, I don’t think it’s that hard to win my heart. I didn’t mean to make it rhyme. (No it doesn’t rhyme.) Anyways, these are maybe how you can win my heart. I mean, why would you?

01. Accept me for who I am.

Lol okay let me explain. Some people sometimes judge me from the outside only (well it’s basic human 101) they don’t want to be my friend because I’m a weirdo, or maybe because I’m not that attractive. But if you be kind to me and open up to my weirdness, you can discover so much more about me. That’s when I let you in. Hoho.

02. Trustworthy

I don’t trust people that easily. So you need to show me that you are trustworthy. This also includes be honest, loyal, keeping your words and promises, etc. Then if I trust you with all my heart, that means you’ve won my heart (seriously stop being cheesy sho)

03. Playful, or be able to make me laugh / smile.

I’m a quiet person so I need someone playful and talkative to balance it. Actually I laugh at almost everything lol, I find a lot of things funny but that’s not what I mean. When we just talk with each other and it makes me constantly smiling or laughing because I’m happy (?) something like that. I don’t even know what I’m talking about.

04. Love animals

Loving animals can mean that you are a caring person. They say if a man can treat animals nicely, he will treat human beings even better (I think my wording is kinda weird). Also because I love cats.

05. Sing me a song and play that acoustic guitar

Okay not in a cheesy romantic way like in those teen movies. I don’t know I just- I would actually melt if someone sing for me while playing a guitar. We can sing together too, it must be fun.

06. Be real

Yeah that’s it. Don’t be a fake person.

This one is kinda hard for me. Sometimes I give my heart to people without realizing what factor that can possibly be the reason. It’s just happen.