That’s literally me every Saturday. Ain’t got no time for dating.

Well Hello everyone, it’s me again. It’s another 10 Days Blog Challenge stuff, this time it’s about my favorite post from my blog. This blog is quite new, although I’ve been around for about 4 or 5 years I guess, but this personal blog is new. The other blog where I started everything (under other pen name too), is not really a personal blog cause I got some friends posting their fanfictions too there, so I made a new one with a new image too as shoshana! So, the posts I put on the list are not only from this blog, but also from other blogs where I post my fanfictions. Let’s get started!

01. La Douleur Exquise

This is a recent fanfiction that I wrote in English featuring Nayeon, Mina and Jinyoung. This one is not my very first fanfiction I wrote in English, but it’s the first one that I feel confident about. I feel like my grammar skill is getting better and I have more colorful vocabulary now. That’s why it’s one of my favorite. The title is pretty too kekeke.

02. Chaeyoung is Not Here

This one is probably my very first horror fanfiction that is actually scary. I have to say this is one of my favorite post because horror is not a genre that I can usually pull off, and I kinda feel successful to make it scary.

03. Series 1: Dream Catcher

A 5 chaptered fantasy themed fanfiction with Krystal as the main cast. I love this fanfiction so much because it’s a Witch!AU (I always have something for witchcraft thingy), I made up everything, the school, the universe, even the types of witches, the class subjects lol. It’s my baby, and yes even though it was still a little bit influenced by other existing works, I feel happy about it. It supposed to have 3 Series in the same universe but I was kinda stuck in a writer block. Sad… haha

04. Bye Bye My Blue

Every time I re-read this story, I remember the excitement I felt that time when I joined TWFI for the first time. I know sounds weird but it’s true I was very excited. It’s my debut fanfiction there. Side note, I love that blog so much, and all the authors and admins, you guys are awesome!

05. WJSN Coven Witch!AU

Again, something to do with witches. I wrote this after finishing American Horror Story: Coven. I saw WJSN teasers and they give me the witches vibe lol. I didn’t follow WJSN since debut I don’t even know all the members, but this concept is really good and now I’m a casual fan of them.

06. School Detective

One of my early days fanfiction. My writing style was still…. well. If I look at it now I’m like… “Girl, why did you do that?” everything about my early days works are tacky :’D but those what makes me be able to go this far. (?) This fanfiction was quite well-loved by the readers and I don’t even know why. That’s why this is one of my favorite post even though it’s a tacky high school detective story.

07. Bad Blood

My very first vampire themed fanfiction yeay! I put it on hold because i had a bad case of WB. I actually did some research about the setting Montreal, and a lot of other things for this ff so I feel like “Oh yeah let’s finish this one!” But… no… I had WB. But I honestly love it so much and would love to continue it someday.

That’s all for today! Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it and happy 15th 20th birthday for myself! Hahaha shameless self-promote there. See ya tomorrow~