Is wanting to visit Pizza Hut or Taco Bell right now, count? LOL anyway I’m back again with 10 Days Blog Challenge and in this third day we’ll be talking about places yaaaaas! Honestly I don’t like traveling that much and I’d rather stay home eating some tacos, but some places are actually beyond beautiful and worth visiting. So yeah, among all the beautiful places I want to visit, here are 8 of them!

01. French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana (U.S)

french_quarter 275px-new-orleans10

You may recognize this place as the setting of some fantasy themed TV series like The Originals for example. I really want to go there, walk down the streets, visiting the historical (and haunted lol) buildings, I don’t know I just love the vibe this place gives off.

02. Venice, Italy


This one is not that weird, I mean a lot of people want to visit Venice. For me it’s not only about the Gondola, I am more interested with the glass making in Murano.

03. Marceline, Missouri (U.S)


The boyhood hometown of Walt Disney! Not that I’m a huge fan of Disney, it’s just that this small town seems to be very peaceful and interesting to me. I wanted to visit Marceline since doing an assignment related to this town.

04. Montreal, Québec (Canada)

old-montreal-things-to-do-notre-dame-de-bon-secours-chapel old_montreal_quebeccanada

Specifically I want to visit the Old Montreal. Me and my fondness over old cities. I used this city as the setting of one of my vampire-ish fanfiction (which is now on hold and abandoned) so I’ve done some research on it. I want to see the city in person.

05. Belgian Chocolate Village, Koekelberg, Brussels (Belgium)

124-2 maxresdefault

Because I love chocolate yeay! This place is heaven for me lol. Not only we got to see the chocolatiers make delicious chocolate, we got to taste them too!

06. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando, Florida (U.S)

wizarding-world-of-harry-potter-hogsmeade-universal-hollywood wizarding-world-of-harry-potter

I’ve been talking about this place with my sister since earlier this year, we want to go there so bad. You know why.

07. Alnwick Castle, Northumberland (U.K)


Actually there are so many places in England that I want to visit, I decided to put Alnwick Castle in the list. Again, this is Harry Potter related (also because I love castle!). I thought it’s a little bit weird to visit this place because the Duke of Northumberland and his family actually live there, but the castle is actually open for public.

08. Every places in South Korea


More than just visiting, I actually want to live in one of the cities in South Korea (but not Seoul, maybe Daegu or Busan). No, it’s not merely because I’m a K-Pop fan, that’s not even the reason. My family just love this country so much. We really want to experience living there.

Third day success! See ya tomorrow! ♥

Love, Sho♥