obviously not gonna put up my own picture up there cause… yeah I’m very ugly in photos.

Hi there, so finally after thinking about this for a long long time (considering my schedule and final exam week) I decided to start this challenge instead of studying for tomorrow lol. Okay let’s start the list of 10 things about myself that nobody wants to know! Happy Holiday! not for me.

01. The origin of my pen name shoshana

So yeah, Shoshana is an actual person name. It is not that popular and is actually the old form of Suzanne or Suzanna whatever it is. Why I chose this to represent myself in the online writing world? Because it sounds pretty, the meanings of this name are either rose or lily, both are beautiful and delicate flowers (especially lily). Many popular authors that I know (and like) use pseudonym—fictitious name—to represent themselves instead of their real name, and I want Shoshana to be my pseudonym whether for online writing or real published writing later (I think I might add “Lee” as the sure name. It sounds kinda cool. Shoshana Lee  XD). I considered Ashley, and even Serine—one of my fictional character—but I fell in love with Shoshana.

02. I’m introverted, very shy and quiet but kinda 4D at the same time.

I know, weird. Sometimes I don’t understand myself. I’m not very good at socializing with people (well, certain type of people I think.), I can’t initiate conversation with complete stranger, I don’t trust people easily, I enjoy being alone—not being lonely it’s a different thing—and I don’t have many friends nor that I’m popular. However, there are times, when the weirdness level is extremely high that I end up being 4D. My friend said that to me this is not my own judgement  XD. She said my gestures are funny, I do and say weird things (but that makes her laugh in a happy way, I’m glad I can entertain people with my oddness lol). So maybe I should consider myself as an ambivert instead. Well I don’t know, all I know is my personality is kinda peculiar (Miss Peregrine reference there, I’m a peculiar yas.)

Side note: I’m also quite shy even online. I’m not an avid social media user. Sometimes I think twice (or thousand times) when I want to leave a comment or talk to someone online. I keep on thinking about their reaction lol. Also sometimes I feel inferior to other authors I know here, like they know each other, they are everywhere, their stories are very good. I feel like potato T_T (low self-esteem alert).

03. Aside from K-Pop, my music taste is so not 2016.

I listen to songs and singers that sadly not many people here listen to or know of. I like some older songs I don’t know why. I listen to Evanescence (if you know this band I love you.), My Chemical Romance, Lady Antebellum, Lana Del Rey, and many other. The most recent is probably Pentatonix, Halsey, Melanie Martinez, Aurora, and The 1975. I don’t really keep up with ‘mainstream music’ :’) (although those artists I mention up there are indeed popular but like I said, they are not really mainstream here not around my peer group at least). I even listen to Lindsey Stirling’s music, she’s so cool check her out :3

04. I love food so much.

  • I don’t think I need to explain this wahaha.

05. I want to become a successful author in the future.

I don’t even know if people would still love books later in the future, but I hold on to my dream of becoming a young-adult fiction author. I want my books to be recognized world wide, I want it to inspire people, and of course it would be nice to be a best-selling author. I currently majoring in English Literature studies since I want to write in English, and I really hope I can publish my debut novel within two or three years. Wish me luck! ♥

06. I love singing but too shy to show it in public.

I feel mad at myself for being too afraid of people. I would love to sing in front of many people some time, or at least for someone special but… (again, low self-esteem alert). Should I just imagine everyone as cabbages?

07. I can’t do make-up, I don’t wear make-up.

I am honestly amazed by people (also, my friends) who manage to wear full make up for a 7 A.M lecture, and somehow come 30 minutes earlier. Truly awesome. How do you do that girls? Applying compact powder and liptint already takes up 5 to 10 minutes for me. Sometimes I think make-up is a waste of time, but I want to look pretty too  😦 (teach me make-up y’all beauty gurus lol)

08. I’m a professional procrastinator and I hate myself for that.

I want to start being organized and all but hell sleeping and doing nothing is so tempting. I should stop and start using my time wisely before I got no more time (oops). Don’t be procrastinator, kids. Don’t listen to Satan. Don’t be me. Do your home works now don’t toss them aside for last minute! (honestly why am I saying this again?)

09. I have so many hobbies aside from writing.

Most of my favorite activities are indoor activities—surely not the adventurous type of person—including reading, listening to music, watching DVDs, hand crafting (?), and nail art. Although my nail painting skill is like… still soooooooo far away from expert but I enjoy nail art. I watch a lot of nail art videos (it’s so satisfying to see people painting their nails so perfectly, check ’em out!) but never succeed to try any of the designs they made lol.

10. Not so important but I’ve been living 20 years on Earth yet still don’t have a boyfriend or any close guy friend.

That’s not a problem though, I enjoy being single honestly it feels good hahahaha. It’s just, I’m afraid my friends identify me as something that I’m not (especially if they see my phone’s gallery, full of girl group members pictures, mostly Mina). No, I just don’t like anyone yet at the moment. I don’t find anyone in my class or my batch attractive (dunno about the seniors though lol). I get very awkward around guys so I think I have no chance. But I can’t be single forever right? What if no one wants to marry me?! Ok that’s too far forget it  XD

There you go, the very first point from the 10 Days Blog Challenge. What do you think about me? I hope you all don’t hate me after reading this  XD I stumbled upon this challenge on Jenny’s BerryWood. I don’t know her, she doesn’t know me, I’m like randomly visited her blog lmao. But this challenge is so fun so thanks a lot Jenny! (just gonna address her by the pen name)

Love, Sho♥