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— “The heart-wrenching pain of wanting affection from someone unattainable”

TWICE Nayeon & Mina ft. GOT7 Jinyoung

300+ w | Sad/Angst, Family, Romance | T/Teen

I own nothing but the storyline.

Seeing his affection towards my sister is too painful to bear,”


Nayeon had been quietly watching her sister and her boyfriend sharing stories only they know with each other, for the whole 15 minutes. She just sat there on the other side of the couch, staring at her sister with a hint of jealousy. No, it was not just a mere jealousy, it was in fact deeper than that. Hundreds of thoughts invaded Nayeon’s mind as her brown eyes landed on the bright and smiley Jinyoung. It was the kind of Jinyoung she had never seen when it’s only the two of them. He looked exceptionally happy, eyes dripping with honey for Mina who sat next to him.

Yes, Mina. Not her.

Nayeon was too much of a loving sister to blame the naive Mina for the eternal hell she had been through. She knew deep in her heart that she was the one who chose to suffer. Nayeon realized that the two had completely forgot about her existence in the room. Warm tears began to form in her eyes as Jinyoung ran his fingers through Mina’s hair. He had never done that to her, not even once he held her hand nor gave her a sincere smile.

Why can’t you smile to me the way you do to her, Park Jinyoung?

Why can’t I make you laugh like her?

Why can’t you love me the way you love her?

But his heart had never been hers. No matter how much she wanted his love. Jinyoung might be hers, but his heart belongs to Mina.

And she chose to stay anyway.


idk why I keep on making Nayeon loves Jinyoung too much and make her suffer damn kill me lol. I’m not good with sad fanfics but this idea just come to my mind after listening to BolBbalgan4’s Hard to Love and I can’t let it go. hope you love it!

Love, Sho♥