RANTS #101

So the thing is, I’ve been through loads of shit lately and yeah this is a rant. A random meaningless shit you don’t want to read.

I don’t understand why people want to graduate faster from high school. “I want to go to college immediately so I can be free” LIKE BIH DO YOU EVEN KNOW ACTUAL COLLEGE LIFE NOT THE ONES IN CHEESY MOVIES YOU WATCH!?!?! free what free? Well it’s somewhat true that I don’t spend a whole day at campus like when i was in highschool BUT THE ASSIGNMENTS ARE ON ANOTHER LEVEL. I wanna cry I swear to God. But at least I like the subject so I don’t suffer that much. But I have to give up my writing hobby and I freaking want a holiday. I swear I’m not gonna curse lol. The real problem here is myself actually. I tend to procrastinate everything and end up suffering :’) even with lots of free time I still don’t finish my fanfics (when I like to whine about not having enough time for this hobby) and sleep all day instead what the fudge is wrong with me. I hate being a professional procrastinator like this. It’s really hard to get rid of this habit D:

Fangirling also stressed me out these days. It used to be one of the fun thing I do to escape life but now there are always salty people who ruin the fun. LIKE FCK OFF KPOP IS NOT THAT DEEP I’M TRYING TO ENJOY THE MUSIC. These people who whine and complaint about every little thing that happen (I mean the irrelevant stuff like who’s better than who, not the serious ones like harassment or any other serious cases) are seriously very annoying. TWICE haters for example they just can’t leave the girls alone and let us fans who want to stan them do our own business in our own world. I mean I know the difference between “not liking their music / not a fan of them” and blindly hating on them. Not liking their music is okay, it’s your preference and I have nothing to do with that. but blindly hating on them…. IF YOU HATE THEM THAT MUCH YOU CAN SIMPLY STAY AWAY FROM THEM. Stop finding things to hate about them or hating them just because it’s the trend to hate on them (?)  srsly get a life or have fun stanning your faves. They treat TWICE as if they are some incurable disease that would be dangerous to their oppas, jump to tartarus beetch. And they always whine about talent like pls if you don’t even follow TWICE and know anything about them other than their title songs (which don’t do the justice to their talent) then go away drink some tea and get a life. Sure they are not the best, Queens of Kpop or anything i’m not that delulu but they are not the worst of the worst either. They are full of talents and potentials that still can grow stronger. Here’s a tip, check their b-side tracks, check their song covers, look up Momo and Mina’s dancing performances, watch sixteen if necessary, watch them being adorable cute girls on their V app DO A FCUKING RESEARCH BEFORE YOU JUDGE THEM. You cannot deny their success, they appeal to public and SK loves them and they obviously deserve the awards they recently receive. I can’t believe I even found someone who said that she get depressed whenever she saw TWICE and their success WTF GURL WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. I didn’t know kpop supposed to cause hypertention lol.  haters gonna hate anyway, yeah should just keep that in mind. Anyways I tried my best to avoid all the negativity but salty people are everywhere and it’s hard to not see them and feel mad. The thing is kpop should be fun, just enjoy the music and performances. Spread love not hate. Also about shipping idols, I don’t see any problem with it as long as it’s just for fun and you don’t go around screaming “A X B IS REAL Y’ALL SHOULD SHIP LET’S TELL THEM TO GET MARRIED” no. nope. It’s just cute to see idols interact with each other and we ship for fun. Like I ship GOTWICE(DAY) (although sometimes I rather see them as siblings instead because JYPNEWGEN YAS), but I keep it to myself and the people who ship them too. I don’t force anyone to ship them like me or believing that they are actually dating or something. It’s just I love seeing their interactions because they are labelmates and as a JYP stan it makes me happy to see that they are friends.

Anyways I think this rant–or whatever this 800+ words long post is called–is enough, gotta save some salt for dinner. I’m gonna cut it now bye cuties!