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I just finished watching American Horror Story: Coven a few days ago and I get really inspired. Then I saw WJSN new comeback teasers which (for me) looks perfect for this theme. So I decided to make this WJSN Witch!AU featuring 9 of the 13 members using their teaser pictures. I don’t do all 13 members yet because not all the teaser pics can be recognized. Actually i didn’t really follow WJSN so I might make mistakes regarding their names or who is who, I did this according to a WJSN fanbase (which pretty sure they know the members well). Anyways hope you like this! I’ll add the other 4 members when new teasers come out.



Exy — Pyrokinesis


“I’m literally hot tempered.”

After she accidentally set her friend’s hair on fire just by touching them, Exy found out that she was extraordinary. Just like her grandmother, she was a born witch with Pyrokinesis as her natural gift. 




“I like to spend my time in a garden, watching flowers grow or make them grow.”

Being a witch was not a peculiar thing for Seola. The girl was born to a witch family that has it in her mother’s bloodline from generation to generation. Terrakinesis or an ability to manipulate earth seemed to be a weak and rather delicate power. However Seola knows that it could be extremely powerful when needed.

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Cheng Xiao — Resurrection


“I thought I died in the fire, but here I am breathing and eating cookies. So much alive than before.”

Her house burned when she and all of her family were asleep that one summer night by some people who accused her family for using dark forces. Times later Cheng Xiao resurrected herself, she learned that she’s a witch with an exceptional gift of Resurgence. She can also bring back dead people, animal or plants back to life.

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Meiqi — Clairvoyant


“Stop it! Why are you so noisy you think too loud!”

Born with a crystal clear vision, Meiqi was told that she’s a clairvoyant by her grandmother’s friend. She’s a witch that can read and hear your thoughts or intentions, she can see spirits, and even dreamt prophetic dreams once in a while. She admitted to pass some exams using this power.

Bona — Telekinesis


“I can throw you off the wall without touching you if I want to.”

Bona didn’t know that she’s a witch before she make all of her plushie toys flew around in her bedroom without touching them when she was angry. Telekinesis is her gift that she used for both good things… and somewhat bad things.


Dayoung — Necromancy


“Look Dad! She came back to life!”

Her father was an undertaker that somehow feared by his clients for the deceased often “brought back to life” by his beloved daughter, Dayoung, who did it accidentally. As a witch whose natural gift was necromancy, she can summon the dead, communicate with the spirits, and even raise them bodily. Dayoung also possess a power to suck one’s energy just by looking at them, which is why her school bully found dead in the girls’ bathroom last Friday.

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Luda — Transmutation


“Now you see me here, now you see me there.”

Playing tag games is something Luda experts since she was 5. She didn’t realize she moved around from one spot to another spot too quickly that her friends always failed to tag her. In the age of 17, she joined a coven and declared as a witch with the gift of Transmutation power.

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Eunseo — Concilium


“You do it now, or I’ll make you do it!”

She doesn’t even need to open her mouth to make you fall to your knees or buy her some meal. Eunseo can control someone’s action using her mind or also called as Concilium, which makes her a witch. She saved a friend from bunch of gangster once using Concilium, turns out the woman she saved was a maid in the coven’s house so she took Eunseo with her to join the coven.

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Yeoreum — Second Sight


“Don’t lie to me Sir, I know what you just did.”

Yeoreum can see what others don’t. Her eyes are not simply to look at a beautiful scenery through the train’s window, she has a second sight. She can see someone’s past or secrets like a movie before her eyes when she touched them. She also developed another power, Divination.




The coven is yet to be completed without 4 other witches who is still finding their way to join them…